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Welcome the Den, which – to shamelessly steal, er, borrow a line from James Lileks – "is a wreck.  Always has been, and probably always will be."  Why?  Mostly because, to be perfectly honest, I can't really be bothered to put huge amounts of time and effort into it.:)  Since I'm not out to win Spiffiest Homepage Of The Year, and nobody's paying me to maintain this thing, it's pretty much a guarantee that despite the occasional half-hearted effort to dust the furnishings and patch the holes in the roof, the Den is likely to remain a rickety ramshackle affair that, like Topsy, "just growed."  Hey, whaddaya want for free?:)  Anyway, feel free to come on in and look around – just be careful opening the closets.  There's no telling what might fall out of them.


updated Oct. 18, 2009

Three new entries in the "Journal of Unfortunate Food". Click here to see the full update history page.
Home Page: You're soaking in it, right now.
The Game Room: I love classic videogames – don't you?  If you recognize that marquee above, then you too remember the Golden Age.  Come on in, and take a tour through my personal collection of vintage consoles and quarter-eaters.
The Journal of Unfortunate Food: Close Encounters of the Grocery-Store Kind with strange, allegedly edible food-like products...  Now with new and improved original geniune imitation flavor!
Hardware Hacking: Electronic and mechanical projects undertaken for a variety of nefarious purposes.  Come on up to the lab and have a look around – just don't touch anything, and whatever you do, don't push the red button!
Ephemera: Assorted bits of internet humor, articles of occasional interest, and other odds and ends.  If it doesn't fit anywhere else, and isn't big enough to justify a category of its own, it'll probably end up somewhere in here...
Links: The inevitable, obligatory collection of people and places which I think are cool, and therefore you should too.

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