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    Forget those stale Peanuts re-runs and recycled Garfield jokes in your newspaper's tired old comics pages, and entertain your brain with something different!  Offbeat, creative, and sometimes a bit wacky, webcomics are where it's at!

    The Belfry WebComics Index
    Possibly one of the most comprehensive lists of online webcomics available; a valuable resource for discovering new comics or keeping track of old favorites.

    21st Century Fox
    Welcome to the year 2066.  We've got personal robots, flying cars, moon colonies, bionics, nuclear fusion reactors, and more classic sci-fi homages and in-jokes than one comic strip oughta be allowed to have!  (This particular webcomic is one of the few I've come across which frequently makes use of the new medium's ability to do things that could never be done in print, such as animated effects within the comic panels.)

    Day by Day
    Ever notice how most socio-political humor-and-satire comics out there seem to be from an unrelentingly left-wing point of view?  Well, here's one that's not.:)  A Doonesbury for the center-right, Chris Muir's strip about the lives of four mismatched coworkers frequently takes aim at current events and people in the news with the wit and irony Trudeau used to have before he got cranky and cynical.

    Full Frontal Nerdity
    Four geeks.  No lives.  Roll for initiative.
    ("Gentlemen, we are dealing with someone who has absolutely... no life."
    "How do you kill that which has no life?" -- South Park, "Make Love, Not Warcraft"

    Nip & Tuck
    Aimin' to please, with both barrels!  Just a pair of good ol' country boys coping with life, love, cars, fishing, cute girls, dynamite, and a few six-legged chickens in the heart of Malarkey County.  It may be a small town, but it's rarely a sleepy one whenever the Todd brothers are involved...

    Goblin Hollow  (formerly titled: "Under the Lemon Tree")
    Ben Bruin learns a whole new meaning for the term "self-help" when he finds himself confronting his inner nature... all seven of them!  Can a blue-collar bear and seven living manifestations of his subconscious share an apartment, without driving each other crazy?

    Roomies  (Note: no longer being updated, but still online.)
    Take a palomino pony on a never-ending quest for the perfect mint.  Give him a roommate, in the form of a computer-obsessed, green-and-yellow-striped tiger who is not related to Cringer. (Or so he says.)  Add a pair of Bhunnies(tm), a ditzy grey wolf with a toast fixation, a kangaroo video-game designer with a Dark Secret(tm), and a giant mutant ferret uplifted to humanoid form by an unfortuate kitchen accident involving chocolate sauce and some leftover pizza crusts.  Mix it all together, and what do you get?  Well... something like this.

    Schlock Mercenary
    "We're a crack team of interstellar mercenaries. We don't do sociological stuff like 'interspecies relations'; we do 'hurting people' and 'breaking things'."  Join the adventures of Tagon's Toughs in this uniquely twisted space opera as they roam the galaxy meeting strange new life-forms, causing massive amounts of property damage, and sometimes even getting paid for it.

    Tales of the Questor
    All his life, Quentyn dreamed of being a Questor.  But when he achieves his dream at last, he quickly learns that the job's a lot more dangerous than the legends made it seem... especially when his sword turns out to be one of the most powerful magic artifacts in the Seven Villages, but he has no way to control it!

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    Stuff that no Hardware Hacker can afford to be without!

    All Electronics Corp.
    In addition to carrying a decent selection of standard parts, this company has a continuously-changing inventory of interesting surplus items -- LCD panels, circuit boards and electromechanical assemblies from out-of-production toys, unusual LED's (sometimes including RGB-tricolor and ultraviolet!), and other fun stuff to experiment with!

    Mat Electronics
    These guys carry a wide selection of parts, especially the often hard-to-find semiconductors used in TV sets, VCRs, and other audiovisual equipment.  An invaluable resource for finding those obscure Japanese transistors that no one else seems to carry -- they don't have everything, but they're one of the best places to start.

    Microchip, Inc.
    Manufacturers of the venerable PIC microcontrollers.  Here you will find practically every resource you might need to work with PICs, including a huge library of applications notes and examples.

    Mouser Electronics
    An electronics distributor with a massive inventory of parts.  Not quite as comprehensive as DigiKey, especially when it comes to less-common or specialized parts, but I prefer them to DigiKey since they don't have a minimum order.

    "Nuts & Volts" Magazine
    One of the few surviving electronics-hobbyist magazines, Nuts & Volts has a decent mix of articles both for novices and more advanced hobbyists, from basic LED flashers up through amateur-robotics systems.

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    Informational resources, collectors' pages, and places to find games and parts.

    Dragon's Lair Project
    Dedicated specifically to collectors and enthusiasts of LaserDisc games such as SPACE ACE, CLIFF HANGER, ASTRON BELT and, of course, DRAGON'S LAIR.  Information, screenshots, news of interest to LaserDisc game enthusiasts, and a user forum with a classifieds section for trading and selling.

    KLOV - Killer List Of Videogames
    An invaluable resource for game collectors, this site is the single largest database of coin-operated video games on the net.

    Video Arcade Preservation Society
    A site dedicated specifically to arcade videogame collectors.  Members can list their collections, offer games for sale or trade, participate in forum discussions, and indicate whether they're open to visits by fellow collectors.  Membership is free.

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