Yes, that's right.  These pages are best viewed with "a browser" – as in, pretty much any web-browser you care to use.  Well, as long as it's a browser of reasonably recent vintage, anyway... obviously, if you're doggedly determined to surf the web using the same copy of Spyglass Mosaic 1.0 you've been using since 1993, you're probably going to run into some problems, and you might want to consider seeking some professional help in overcoming your obsessive-compulsive fear of change. :)

To that end, these pages have been lovingly hand-crafted from pure, organically-grown, sustainably-harvested HTML and CSS code, then tested in both Opera and Firefox.  While there are a few Javascript-driven special effects here and there, just to make things interesting, the site itself does not depend on Javascript, Flash, ActiveX controls, or any other non-standard method of navigation; likewise, the CSS should be pretty basic stuff that any relatively recent-vintage browser ought to be able to cope with.  Therefore, any reasonably standards-compliant web browser should display these pages with no major problems.

(Of thise, this is assuming you're using a normal desktop or laptop computer, of course; if you're trying to view this site on a Palm Pilot, a cell phone, or a text-only Unix terminal, then I assume no responsibility for whatever mess you're seeing right now. :) )

However – it must be noted that Internet Explorer (or "Internet Exploder", as I like to call it) is not properly standards-compliant.  Not only does it not understand certain CSS instructions – like "position: fixed;", for example – it doesn't even do what the CSS standard says a browser should do when it encounters a property it doesn't know how to handle.  (So basically, not only can IE not parse CSS correctly, it can't even not parse CSS correctly.  That's some real fine programming work there, Billy...)  Its box model is also a bit broken, and it doesn't calculate the positioning of elements the way the W3C spec says it should.  Therefore, IE users will probably find that the layout will be a bit "off" on some of the pages, and that items which are supposed to be fixed in place (such as backgrounds and navigation menus) insist on scrolling anyway.  While there probably are some hacks and workarounds out there to overcome this kind of thing, frankly, I can't be bothered to put that much effort into it.  Like I said on the front page, nobody's paying me to do this, so whaddaya want for free? :)  I suggest upgrading to Opera or Firefox instead.  Which you really should do anyway, because IE sucks.