Intellivision AV
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Figuring that I couldn't possibly be the only person who'd ever thought about trying this, I went straight to Google to see what I could dig up.  A few minutes of Googling turned up several sites devoted to the Intellivision, including one with the entire Intellivision Model 2609 Service Manual – unfortunately, a fair amount of what I found was somewhat sketchy and inconsistent, with different sites reporting wildly varying levels of success even for seemingly similar modifications.  Still, I was able to pull together enough information to come up with a strategy that I figured should work pretty well – so, armed with a preliminary schematic, a soldering iron, the service manual, and my trusty collection of spare parts, I cleared off the desk and prepped the Intellivision for surgery.

Now...  As much as I hate to have to resort to this kind of CYA nonsense, in this litigious world we live in it's unfortunately necessary for me to put this disclaimer right up front:


If you decide to attempt this modification to your own console, you do so strictly at your own risk!  While there's nothing intrinsically dangerous inside an Intellivision (as long as it's not plugged in!), and the needed modifications aren't terribly complicated for anyone with a basic grasp of electronics, it is still possible to damage your console (or yourself!) if you don't know what you're doing!  Please do not attempt this modification if you don't at least have some basic component-level electronics experience, and/or are not willing to assume the risk of damaging your Intellivision if you make a mistake along the way.

inside the console

OK, now that that's out of the way...

Fortunately, getting an Intellivision apart isn't that difficult; just remove the six screws on the bottom of the unit, and the top and bottom halves of the case come apart easily.  Also fortunately, there's nothing attached to the the top half of the case internally, so you can just remove it and set it aside.  To get the electronics boards out, just remove the six hex-head screws holding that plastic crossbar (which forms part of the recessed area that holds the controllers and cables when the unit is assembled), and the two screws holding the power-supply board in place, and the whole thing just lifts out.

(Oh – and for now, just pretend you don't see that little piece of perfboard with the orange capacitors on the right-hand side.   That's the video amp we'll be adding shortly as part of the modification.)