Unfortunate Food

CoCo Rico "natural coconut-flavored soda"
rating: :)

The "ethnic-foods" section is always a ripe source of culinary misfortune, especially when it comes to snack foods.  This one isn't exactly unfortunate, but it is somewhat strange...

This colorless soda does smell more or less coconutty, to be sure, but it doesn't exactly taste like it... it's more of a vaguely cream-soda-ish flavor."  Try to imagine taking a glass of soda water and steeping a fistful of coconut shavings in it for an hour or two, then straining the coconut out and adding a bunch of sugar, and you might get something vaguely resembling this.

Or maybe not.

On the other hand, if you can put aside its general un-coconuttiness and take it on its own terms, it is actually somewhat tasty – if you happen to like cream sodas, anyway – so it only gets one "yuk" out of four.  Still, it's not exactly something I'd serve to unsuspecting friends without warning, either.

Verdict:   Almost, but not quite, entirely unlike coconut.