Unfortunate Food

"Extreme Energy Shot" energy drink
rating: :) (funny!)

There's nothing really wrong with the drink itself, as such...  Well, no more so than with any other carbonated "energy drink", really, in that it basically tastes like the unholy carbonated offspring of a union between a canister of lemon-lime Gatorade mix and a bottle of multi-vitamin pills.  But...


OK, is it just me, or is the shape of this particular product's container just wrong on so many levels? :) I mean, OK, I'm guessing it's supposed to resemble a bullet, but it really does look more like... *heh*... well, you figure it out.

I'm not sure which possibility is the more disturbing: that the product designer didn't intend the resemblance, or that he did.  Either way, any product whose packaging inspires giggles in practically everyone I've shown this thing to can only be categorized as "unfortunate."

Verdict:   um... yeah.